Mixing music

Mixing music! Your music needs to be mixed before sending it over for mastering, if you need a track mixed I will gladly do it for you.

Mixing is all about getting the right balance in your track like adjusting the volume so no instrument is sticking too much out, panning,  spreading or merging stereo on each mix bus, and removing unwanted resonance sounds pops etc. EQ`ing is usually where the most work will be done, and this is to get the most out of each instrument, like making the piano crystal clear and prominent (if that’s what you are going for) Sometimes it can benefit from effects like a little bit of reverb, delay, etc. You need to make room for each instrument, this can be done by tweaking the frequency when two instruments are in the same frequency range, and the use of ducking effect is also a good way to go.

To get the best result when mixing, you should use studio headphones and or studio monitors. If you use headphones like Bose, Samsung buds, Head skulls and so on you will not get the right sound. These headphones have colored sound, and will not give you the true sound. Believe me, I did this in the beginning and was surprised when I finally got studio headphones and studio monitors, then I realized why my mixes weren’t sounding as good as I was going for. But don’t throw away your old headphones, it is always a good idea to check your track on different devices.

It takes time to learn mixing. If this is something you want to learn then don’t give up if you are struggling! There are lots of youtube channels you can learn from, online courses, and so on, so take your time and learn a little bit every day if you have the time.

Here is one channel I recommend: 


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